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Official Wulf Network Rules

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Here are the official rules for Wulf Network, the following rules apply to all servers (unless specified to a single server) and apply to everyone including donators, standard players, staff members, content creators (youtubers/twitch streamers) and builders. Failing to follow these rules will result in your punishment, for information regarding punishments, please refer here.

Official Wulf Network Rules

These rules have been simplified as much as possible to make them easy to follow, if you are unsure about a certain rule, please contact a member of staff.

Official Wulf Network Discord Rules

Here are the rules for the discord server found here:

Punishment System

Here are how punishments work at Wulf Network, this is a guideline to what staff should follow, if you are being banned or punished unfairly please contact an admin and we will investigate the staff member if they don't follow this. However, for players using a hacked client the punishments are much stricter, hacking is of course strictly prohibited on our server and the only mods you can use are listed here: Unlike general bans you can't submit a ban appeal if you were banned for hacking or using a blacklisted client.
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