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Voting Rewards

You can vote on each website every 24 hours to get Vote Tokens, which can be spent in the main lobby to get wulf bones and cosmetic shards, or they can be used in sky block and factions to open vote and mythic crates!

Top 3 voters will receive a $10 webstore coupon, please contact our admin Paint#0001 on Discord to redeem your reward on the last day of the month. Just prove you own the account with the most votes (must be in top 3).
Top Voters This Month
1Leo81000 (Votes This Month: 77)
2E1onMusk (Votes This Month: 42)
3Crystalli (Votes This Month: 26)
4WulfieYT (Votes This Month: 11)
5Dark_2018 (Votes This Month: 10)
6Premuto (Votes This Month: 9)
7Zantie (Votes This Month: 8)
8Rushpvp123 (Votes This Month: 7)
9Benja_Canada146 (Votes This Month: 6)
10Nemo_Sparks (Votes This Month: 1)