What do you get from voting?

Help the server grow

Get cosmetic shards and vote tokens

Open vote wells in any server with vote tokens

Increases your odds to get accepted as staff

Use awesome cosmetics in the lobby

Buy titles, ranks, player heads & more!

How the voting system works!
Every time you vote, you will receive 1 Total Vote and 3 Vote Tokens, you can use Vote Tokens to open Vote Wells in any server. You can get awesome rewards from this Vote Well such as Per-Server Rewards like money, kits and items depending which server you are on.

Current All Time Top Voters

1. WulfGamesYTWulfGamesYT (28 Total Votes)
2. ForumZapForumZap (26 Total Votes)
3. Kestrel41Kestrel41 (21 Total Votes)
4. MeggehMeggeh (9 Total Votes)
5. DreadCoreDreadCore (6 Total Votes)
6. _Hottub__Hottub_ (6 Total Votes)
7. TheHazeCrew_TheHazeCrew_ (6 Total Votes)
8. ChancingChancing (6 Total Votes)
9. DayFlowsToNightDayFlowsToNight (6 Total Votes)
10. MoreGamesForUsMoreGamesForUs (6 Total Votes)