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Sky Block

Sky Block is known to be a very peaceful and calm game mode. However, at Wulf Network you have to work hard to get to the top! With the Harsh Economy, Limited Resources and Tough Competition you would be lucky to stay alive!

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Tough Economy
Cobble Ore Generators
Mob Stacking
Co-Op Mode

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Extra Information

Completing Challenges
Money can be earnt by completing Challenges or selling Items in the store. You can then use this money to buy more items from the store or pay friends and help them out.

Island Level
Islands can be created by anyone with any of the 3 types (listed above) and you can invite friends to join with the CO-OP Mode which makes it easy for you to reach the top of the leaderboards as you have more people working on your island. The more blocks, items and entities you have on your island, the higher the island level you will have.