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Kit PvP

Kit PvP is a competitive player versus player gamemode, choose your kit, kill players and unlock more kits with tons of maps to choose from.

Survival Games

Survival Games inspired by the film/book Hunger Games is a chest looting survival gamemode, only the best tributes will survive.

Sky Wars

Sky Wars is a competitive player versus player gamemode, start out on an island and loot for items, knock enemies off to win the game.

Sky Block

Sky Block is a peaceful gamemode where players have to expand their own sky island and earn money, players will indeed struggle with our harsh economy.


Survival is a straight up simple gamemode, the aim is simple, to survive. Craft items and build a home, and stay indoors at night.


Factions is a really competitive gamemode where players have the ability to make their own factions, kill other members and raid bases to level up their factions.