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    You can help Wulf Network grow by voting for us, enter your name and solve a captcha 8 times every day and get awesome rewards, you earn 3 Vote Tokens per vote.

    Here are the voting links:
    You can obtain a maximum of 24 Vote Tokens per 24 hours and you can open the Vote Well in any server with the Vote Tokens you receive from voting for us.

    In the Vote Well you can find:
    • Cosmetic Shards - used to power fun gadgets and buy player heads in the hub
    • Wulf Bones - used to buy in-game ranks and custom titles in the hub
    • Vote Tokens - used to buy login effects in the hub and spin the vote well in any server
    How to make sure you are voting for the correct server:


    Look for this banner, as this is the official Wulf Network Advertisement banner, if you see this banner and click the links above you can be ensured you are voting for us.
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