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Official Massive 2018 Update - New Kits, Ranks & Bug Fixes!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by WulfGamesYT, Feb 12, 2018 at 3:47 PM.

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    Hey everyone, we have been offline for almost a month, don't worry this time hasn't gone to waste. We, the staff team have been busy fixing a lot of bugs and adding in our new ranks system, I myself have also created a new Achievements system for everyone to enjoy, it will have new achievements added every week until there are about 5-10 for each gamemode.

    We have a lot of changes, so here they are:
    - Removed vote well from main lobby.
    + Added new achievements system (/quests command).
    + Updated tips system and tab menu design.
    + Several performance improvements on all servers.
    + New pets GUI.
    - Temporarily removed particles system from hub, that will be replaced with a newer version in the future.
    + Added 10 kits on Sky Block.
    + Added 10 kits on Factions.
    + Added new Shop GUI on both Sky Block and Factions.
    + Added 4 new island schematics for Sky Block (Easy, Medium, Hard & Nether).
    - Removed BubblyHeights map from Kit PvP (some maps are being replaced, including BubblyHeights in the future).
    + Added new ranks/permissions system with 2 new staff ranks: Chat Mod & Manager.
    + Updated rewards vendor in main lobby.
    + Opened main lobby for players to explore.
    + Fixed lots of bugs in all servers with ranks system when first implemented.
    + Added chat reaction to Sky Block (was just in Factions only, now in both).
    + Fixed Kit PvP duels and killstreak bugs happening frequently.

    Also, what we have planned in the future:
    + New store (coming very soon, sorry for the big delay on this).
    + New website and forum theme plus overall design improvements.

    For those of you who aren't in our discord, please join us so you don't miss the latest announcements here:
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    Thanks to @WulfGamesYT to put in so much time and effort. He doesn't take enough credit for himself but... thanks wulf!

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