WulfMC - New Administration!

WulfMC has been discontinued for so long and now is the time for it to rise to the surface once again. We here at WulfMC have been working tirelessly to get together a server that people can come play whenever they feel whatever the mood, we want to make an environment that is for everyone. With WulfMC being under new Administrations will come to new beginnings and new rules, this is a very good start, and we have MANY things planned and that we hope you follow us.

The players will always be thought about while making decisions and whether we turn a player’s suggestion into reality. We here are WulfMC at very passionate about community building and giving to people, so us making a server is for you, the player, you are the players we want to support by doing our part and give you the entertainment everyone deserves. We would first like to mention a HUGE thank you to WulfGamesYT as he has allowed me to continue using his name and assets.

How to join & play?

To join WulfMC please follow these steps:

  1. Download & install either CurseForge or MultiMC.
  2. Login to your Minecraft account(s) with your preferred client.
  3. Add Minecraft as a game (on CurseForge) and then install FTB Revelation.
  4. Drag the downloaded file into MultiMC or open it via CurseForge.
  5. Launch the game and wait for everything to setup. Then click "Multiplayer" on the title screen.
  6. Type in the server name: "WulfMC" and the IP: "rev.wulfmc.net".
  7. Hit "Done" and then connect to the server. Enjoy your stay!